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Updating Community-Building Resources via @UnboundEq & @OneHEGlobal


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So for many of us in the Northern hemisphere, a semester is ending, holidays are coming, and many of us are planning towards another semester of either mostly online, or some mixed modality between online and in-person… COVID cases are increasing in many places in the world (all of them? I’m not keeping track, but it’s looking grim, despite the arrival of vaccines).

In any case, the trauma continues, and the need for building community remains urgent. We need it as teachers, students need it soooooooo much. And even I, who initiated this curation of resources for community building over the summer, and whose students are relatively happy – I still feel like we could do more to grow community… so I’ve pledged with myself to work over the coming 6 weeks (so just before Christmas up until end of January) to add more resources to the site.

New Look!

So first of all – the website now has a new look! Easier to look through, and easier to filter by type of resource. Go to

Contribute your own!

Second, if you have a suggestion for a community-building activity, there are two ways you can contribute. You can reach out to me, either through a comment on this blog, or via Twitter DM, or email me: bali[at]aucegypt[dot]edu. We can set up a time to meet and record something together and record a video. But if you already have a video/demo or you have something text-based that does not need a new video demo – you can fill in this form and we’ll get back to you after the new year!

Join a video demo recording!

If you’re interested in joining some video demo recordings, I can let you know via email about upcoming ones! The first invitation is for Tuesday, December 22, 5pm Cairo (10am ET, 3pm UTC) – we will be speaking with Laura Gibbs about using “tiny tales” (short forms of storytelling) in teaching (learn more about what Laura is doing in her blogpost here). The easiest thing to do is have a list of people who want to be informed of these, and as soon as I schedule one, I’ll email you or send a calendar invitation… easier than asking people to sign up one at a time… is that OK?

Sign up to join demo recordings of community-building activities as a participant!


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