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hi again Steve, thanks for coming back πŸ™‚ Can I just say first that I sense this comment is coming at me with a totally different tone than your first one… not sure why (and btw I apologize that my wordpress did not automatically approve it – for some reason it got put in spam; happens sometimes – maybe the word “peep”). I dunno if I like the word “peep” coz it sounds like “peeping tom” and that has not-so-good connotations, either, right? I think maybe the reason people keep saying lurker (despite the connotation) is that it’s at least understood in the field. I like “explorer” which I think someone mentioned, although in the general sense of the term, explorers (like Columbus and Cook) usually took action, rather than just looked on. Browser? These are beginning to sound like names of the apps with which we view the internet πŸ˜‰ hehe
So hey, someone wrote on twitter earlier that people mistake the internet as a source of info, whereas the advantage of internet is in connecting.
I think that’s the point maybe that people who don’t participate are at. They’re using the internet for info rather than connection. It’s a valid way of using it, it’s just not maximizing its potential, and it’s a consumption but not production. I know this is still not a positive spin on things (and just this week I had a few lurkers in my f2f life “come out” to me – it was hilarious! Their comments on this post, I mean)

RE: failure as a positive outcome – by that I mean that we learn by taking risks, and taking risks means we often fail, and we learn from that failure, rather than consider it something terminal and bad. Failure is good, it is progress, it is better than doing nothing at all, and sometimes we learn better by what does not work than by what does work. I have an article coming out on Hybrid Pedagogy soon on that topic πŸ˜‰ with real stories of my teaching problems!!!

RE: sports – agree completely. I have huge issues with competitive sports and have issues with gaming in education that also encourage competition even more than already exists in education. I teach a module where my students design educational games and I wanted to play a twitter game with them that was not one with winners/losers but could still engage them. Will see how that goes…

Meanwhile – what is GCHQ???