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but you do realize what you’re both doing here, right (Kevin and Alan)? You’re against using the word, but you’re looking at “path forward” (mostly) understood as eventually learning to engage more and more. In Kevin’s post on his blog, he talks about ppl who did not engage actively in #clmooc first run but came back the second time and did. That’s the story I’m seeing. I’m thinking about some people who are unlikely to ever participate, not because of a digital literacy issue, but personality or attitude. Is that something we, as pedagogues, accept as their preference, respect, and move on (and do they want us to be talking about them here? I hate that we can’t hear their views here, though we can talk to them f2f, if we know them of course).
Speaking of which, I read both ur blogposts but was on my phone and my kid was running around so didn’t get a chance to comment or even tweet it out – u’ve been much more generous here responding to comments πŸ˜‰ I’d only seen your comic when I wrote this, and Maureen is the one who pointed me to your blogpost(s)