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I see at least three kinds of uncertainty here but who’s counting? The important one has to do with boundaries drawn artificially around “content” – that is the closed curriculum of anti-learning. It tells you, “Stop right there! Don’t go on. You won’t understand anyway.”

Today, I found three brilliant students in my class – it is only our second meeting. I had turned everyone loose on GoogleDocs with a vaguely described assignment to find a common interest to write about much later. This is the “silent dialog” in a shared reflective space. I sent them away to work in a corner and ignored them while I goofed off with the less motivated ones, talking about Play Station, Zombies, and the Mary Shelly’s demonstration of the limits of technology.

Later I noticed them sitting facing one another in a little triangle, totally silent, writing on their shared document, each in a different color. They had written a lot, but still they asked, “What is this we are doing? Why are we doing this? How will this help us?”

We talked about their biology course and the difference between knowing about content and knowing about things. The first stops at the end of the chapter but the second recedes into infinity. They agreed and they wanted to do the infinite thing.

Your class sounds like a blast. I love to do that kind of thing.