Hi Ron, thanks for responding and for your words.
Hurghada and Sharm are quite different from the regular cities (i am one of the few Egyptians who has never been to Sharm, but i went to Hurghada and didn’t notice lack of women, but now that you mention it realize it is probably true! Will unpack that!) – in the big cities you’ll see women all over the place.
I’ve been to both Belgium (not just Brussels to but also Leuvent in Flemish or Louvain in French – is that your area?) and Germany (Munich). The first time I learned that Flemish and Dutch are v similar was like in 2000. You’re Dutch, right? Your English also usually seems native to me and I only realized you were Dutch when you mentioned it once midway through. Then again, I assume it is easier for Anglosaxon native speakers to learn English? Been on KLM and through Schiphol often enough to notice their English accents differ from most other countries (near native again). Or it might just be a good edu system, not sure! How do you normally feel in cMOOCs?
Beyond the language tge edu context is usually Anglo. It is not so strange to me because I still work at an American university and have studies in US/UK institutions all my life. But if i start talking about public Egyptian universities, it is a whole parallel universe! I myself forget sometimes, getting sucked into my own discourse, you know, that is affirmed by the MOOCs. I forget about life outside my own bubble… Hmm…