Hey Bonnie, I didn’t just mean geographically (and I did not mean to make you feel bad.). I also meant that still the majority of participants were Anglo. Still, the majority of the folks who had lots of experience with cMOOCs were Anglo. Still, the bulk of power lay on the Anglo side. But YES it was quite incredible that despite that, some of the non-Anglos were quite central to the experience (on fb at least; not sure elsewhere). But beyond that, how do you achieve the same in other cMOOCs? I actually don’t think yo can plan it. It suddenly occurred to me that in real life (e.g. In conferences, the fact that I cover my hair gets me some “exotic” attention, too, and ppl try to talk to me, come to my talk, etc., but they don’t necessarily want to keep knowing me -not in a bad way, just in a we-met-at-a-conferejce-and-so-what way- ; rhizo14 is very different in that respect, in that the relationships sustain beyond; same for social media in general sometimes)