I never thought of you as exotic actually. Your English is so good that I had no idea (at first) that you weren’t a native English speaker.

I can’t say I read “typical Egyptian” things in your posts. Your posts are truly and inspiring.
BTW I write “typical Egyptian” in quotes because I couldn’t say what that would mean. I have been in Egypt twice, but only as a tourist.
I must say it’s special to me that you’re a woman in Egypt, because what struck me in my short visits to Egypt ( Hurgada & Sharm el Sheik ) was the lack of women in the streets.

I agree that most MOOCs are anglo-centric. I’m convinced that that will change in due time. More groups from other backgrounds will start their own online education.

I personally am not a big fan of English (the spelling is awfully difficult), but it’s the ‘lingua franca’ of this age like Latin was ages ago.
BTW I’m from Limburg, a region that stretches from the east parts from Belgium, through the south part of Netherlands and east part of Germany.