Hey Bonnie, yes, I know what you mean. I still think any educational experience that is in English is likely to continue to be Anglo-centric and elitist, but it’s a start (you will like the upcoming Hybrid Ped articles I co-authored. Out soon!) – so an important point is this: even though Obama is pres of the US, racism continues to exist in the US and beyond. In a similar vein, even tho there were a few central non-Anglos in rhizo14, it was still Anglocentric. It just so happens that someone like me sort of compensates by being a big loud and noisy (possibly too rude for some ppl, by being too blunt sometimes?)

Anyway 🙂 But I still remember the day i first interacted with both you and Dave on Twitter about 3weeks before rhizo14 started. I already had a beginning of a relationship with you both (separately) before the course. I think there is that dispositional aspect (rhizomatically, i am referring to our conversation on Keith’s post) – your openness to connect with me, my umm audacity to start a personal conversation on Twitter with folks like you whom I considered celebrities of a kind. I think it related a bit to the tones if your blogs as well: open, friendly, not intimidating. We would not have that without social media because scholarly publication is so much less friendly. But that’s changing, too 🙂
More later! Thanks!