so much yes to this. 🙂

especially to your last paragraph – it makes me think of the reading i was doing last night on Spivak, and her discussion of the way she fully inhabited neither the centre nor the margin of “the teaching machine” of supposedly post-colonial academia. i think the actual centrality of people from diverse, global South and non-Anglo countries IN #rhizo14 has been worthy of mention precisely FOR your centrality – not as exotics but as central voices and leaders. given the fact that til now, a very legit critique of cMOOCs has tended to be their Anglo-centricity, from where i sit, this is a shift and a welcome one BECAUSE i think global power relations matter to how the “margins” of networked knowledge get cast and understood. at the same time, i’m excited to have met you all because you’re you, and both those things are true and i’m not sure there’s full reconciliation in subject positions there for any of us.

but here we are, thinking about it. i am glad about that, glad to have people to do that with.