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Seeking Feedback & Collaborators: Digital Identities & Literacies Syllabus

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So here it is – I heard that my pilot course on digital literacies (with an intercultural dimension involving a Soliya component) has been approved to run as a core curriculum (liberal arts option) Fall 2017 inshallah.

I was going to give a lot of background over here, but I thought it might make more sense to just link to the syllabus itself, where I have posted comments and ask people to look at it and see where they’d like to jump in. I’m particularly interested in the following:

  1. Are there particular dimensions of digital identities or literacies that I’m missing (for some reason looking at the syllabus now it looks like it’s missing a lot – probably because I’m trying to do several different things)
  2. I’m not a very content-centric teacher. But you know what it’s like… committees want reading lists…Are there particular readings you’d recommend? I don’t want to have an exhaustive reading list but the committee wants more readings in the syllabus and I’m willing to put them in (and can come up with a list in no time, but curious what others would recommend or have used in their courses)
  3. Are you willing to collaborate in some way, like have our students work together on an activity or something longer? I’m interested in a variety of things, from Wikipedia editing (especially if #Femedtech will do some of this), to dimensions of privacy (I’m looking at you, Kate Green) but also anything else that fits other people’s courses (I’m looking at you, Alan and Mia). I’m happy to collaborate with undergrads or grads, as long as it makes sense for all of us.
  4. Ideas for activities to promote digital literacies? In-class or online…

In case you missed it – here is the link to the syllabus itself 🙂 Comment away!! And thank you, by the way 🙂

4 thoughts on “Seeking Feedback & Collaborators: Digital Identities & Literacies Syllabus

  1. I’m so excited for you Maha. My FYS with a focus on Digital Citizenship is a go for next term so as long as it fills I’ll be doing it again. Hoping to do a shared annotation and maybe a twitter chat or something. Hoping we can find some overlap between our classes. What level is this class at?

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