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What’s up with unwriting the untext? An update


Estimated reading time: 2 minutes, 12 seconds

This is a post intended for #rhizo14ers interested in an update on either the collab autoethnog or the untext we’re unwriting… Ahem.

What started out as an attempt to write a legible article that collects our thoughts on why the collab autoethnog is taking so long to write/finish (if such a term exists? Success if never finishing! Lol) ended up being a whole other artifact and project all its own. So what’s going on now??

There are actually 4 things going on. Email by Terry Elliott inspired me to blog this out:

1. There are the narratives of the collabo autoethnog (the original google doc) which we need to a. analyze and b. represent at some point (2 diff projects – the former of actual research which will take time and cannot possibly incorporate all voices in the analysis and so we struggle with it; and the latter of presentation in form and can be done without analysis and could potentially incorporate all narratives in the doc as well as links to various blogposts and media developed for #rhizo14)

2. There is the untext we wrote which attempts to explain why we are struggling with finishing the research of the autoethnog – and it is, itself, an artifact of rhizomatic learning, because, well, it ended up being soooo rhizomatic, multimodal, and sooo rich in the marginal comments! Right now we’ve closed it off for editing (mummification?) but Terry Elliott suggests we make a hackpad out of it and keep it alive and growing, and incorporate elements of the original autoethnog in #1 in it)

3. There is a journal article we hope to write for HybridPed that will refer to the artifact in #2 and explain it in a legible way, and embed the artifact itself. Since HybridPed are on hiatus in December, i’ve de-urgentized this as I had more urgent stuff to do including teaching my course and doing #tvsz

4. There is the #et4online conference, and i would like to submit a proposal for that, talking about the same ideas of #3 – the deadline is Dec 1.

Various people are focusing on working on various things and Terry is also working on a zeega for it all 🙂

I’m happy to have various people leading on various things. Right now Terry is happy to initiate the hackpad, Keith and Len working on conference proposal, and I am leading the article #3 with Keith’s help integrating everyone’s words from #2 and then will invite others to edit once it seems legible enough to me. If that’s ok 😉

We need to eventually come back to #1 and I hope to have time for this in January, if others can, too?


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