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Hey Frances! Yes of course there are the personal reputation-building ones… All of these can be misused or abused as such, right? Definitely the tagging of people who have more followers than oneself, and sometimes the linking to another person’s blog or commenting with links to one’s own blog. Maybe i should write another one on how … Ummm… To at least be subtle in self-promotion? Hehe

On the other hand, what about people who genuinely aren’t self-promoting in an egotistical manner, but just feel they have said something interesting for other folks and want to share it? That’s not really self-promotion (not in their mind) but can be misunderstood as such. How do we know?

There was someone that I thought was doing this on rhizo14 fb, but later found that person engaging in “proper” useful conversations… So i guess we can misjudge someone?