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#FedWiki – solution to problems we never imagined?


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I remember how i felt reading about Smallest Federated Wiki on Mike Caulfield’s blog a longish time ago and feeling excited about the possibilities then reaching a stage where it stopped making sense and I felt that I needed to actually play with it, to learn experientially rather than second hand. I think i probably posted a comment on his blog about that.

So now I am excited to be trying it out with a small group of others who probably have similar feelings? Like you’re on the cusp of exploring and discovering the next big thing that might revolutionize the web and learning on it

But you also feel like you don’t really understand it. Like you might be projecting what you know about the web onto this new thing that is different from what you’d known in the past.

I wanted to play with it in advance so as not to get bogged down with technicalities (so Mike and I have had a few exchanges and ironed out a few things; he might hate me or love me now, hard to tell haha) and focus on the conceptual and collaborative aspects during the brief #fedwikihappening (Mike you gotta shorten the hashtag! I am sticking to #fedwiki)

So Mike posted this appetite-whetting video which is really exciting – Fed wiki better live up to those expectations!

Because I am human, I keep thinking what I could do with fedwiki. We at #rhizo14 had already talked about the possibility of using it for our collab autoethnography – like a way to cross-link narratives with people and blogposts. I still think that would be a good use of it, and to allow each of us to fork parts of others’ stuff to create our own partial autoethnography – if you noticed how many diff overlapping groups are working on this Neverending project you’d get why i mentioned forking

The other use that comes to mind, inspired by p2pu course-in-a-box and Dave Cormier’s suggestions to fork rhizo15 is for mutlisection courses to fork their syllabi, resources etc, where each instructor takes a copy and does whatever to it, and others can incorporate some of those changes or not. But that might already exist  in sthg like Penflip.

Mike has a video about a process which he calls Idea Mining that to me seems just like cross-blogging or blog-hopping or whatever ppl call it – but i am sure there is sthg i don’t understand about what’s unique or new in the practice.

Oh well – i need to go read the long keynote Mike did, might have some answers. And watch more vids (glad they r brief coz i lose focus after about 10 or 15 mins)

In any case am superexcited to have been invited into this and with this wonderful group of cool ed techies.

Looking forward to how this thing messes further with my head to the extent no one at work will understand what I am on about for a year or two lol! Naah hope to show it to more ppl as i get more comfy with it

This might be my last blogpost on it here coz it starts officially tom and there is space for journalling there (well space for anything i guess) and I was already using it so it makes sense to stay there.

Right. So tomorrow #fedwikihappening and also grading final papers. Guess which is more fun? Actually, both šŸ˜‰ i stopped assigning boring stuff ages ago!

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