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“Opening ourselves to it is one thing. Helping others open themselves to it? To the uncertainty of it? To unlearning the need for structure and an external other to protect them, especially when that external other is supposed to be us? That’s hard man. I don’t know how to do it.”

I can so relate, Maha. Teaching is hard enough without trying to embrace uncertainty and openness. But how can we call ourselves teachers if we aren’t willing to learn? I think all we can do is learn from our own story, share that story, and those of others that will help our students see the value of embracing uncertainty and openness for themselves.

btw I love Storify and if you’d like to include a bit of a Twitter stream in your blog then you can create the Storify and then choose “distribute” where you’ll find embed codes (with or without heading) for tools like WordPress. Looks like there’s also a direct add but I’ve not tried that.

Keep asking those hard questions!