Hey Scott, that issue of safety came up. In reality, i think a lot of people who are not very safe (e.g. Adjuncts) do practice resistance, but of course they put a lot at stake. I practiced resistance, directly to the face of our univ president and provost at a time just before i applied for my current faculty position. I guess there was some level of safety (at a lower level down the hierarchy) that allowed me to do it, so i guess safety is relative? Like no one is completely safe or unsafe? But sure, tenured people are safer than the rest of us.
So but your point is, I think, that keeping policy intact while occasionally playing outside it is not enough, right? But what about when you can’t change policy or advocate openly against it? Kris Shaffer’s article provides diff levels of resistance.
But yeah, not every rebellion is an act of resistance, as Henry Giroux has pointed out