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Questions Instead of Learning Outcomes?

What if we stopped using learning outcomes in our syllabi?

What if instead of thinking of what outcomes our students should achieve, we thought of what questions we would like them to explore with us throughout the semester? 

What if we as teachers asked questions whose answers we didn’t know, such that we all truly learn together? 

What if we started by asking some big questions to pique student curiosity then invited THEM to ask students the questions THEY are passionate about?

What if we stopped focusing on where students would end up after our course, and instead focused on how to encourage students to pursue their own passions in content AND pathways to learning? 

What if we started every class with a question and ended every class with one? What if we had students come up with some of these?

What if instead of asking our students questions to test their knowledge of what we assign them, we invite them to ask questions and explore them?

What if I write a blogpost that is 100% questions? What if it’s 100% “what if” questions? 

Why not?

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