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Hi Maha:

I wish I could say that my connectivist experiences have impacted my teaching a lot, but I’m afraid not. I have started requiring students to blog, either on a course blog or on their own blogs that are all connected to a single blog “hub,” and I tweet out links to the blog hub every once in awhile so others can see the great work the students are doing. I’ve been thinking about opening up my courses to outside participants, allowing others to blog with us, even having some open online synchronous meetings, but it’s more difficult than I thought. For one thing, this term, the vast majority of what I’m teaching comes from books and articles that one has to pay for (or get access to through a university subscription), so inviting others to join us doesn’t work so well unless they buy all those. For another, holding open online synchronous meetings actually takes more work than my informal face to face meetings, for which I don’t often have formal presentations ready but often just do discussions with the class.

But I’m still thinking of doing this in the future, especially when I am teaching a class with a lot more free and open readings, and for which I’ll be doing some online presentations anyway, for the F2F students. We’ll see what happens!