@maha When I said that I didn’t think Dave took sides that was about what I thought – I can’t speak about what others have said if I haven’t seen that. I agree that time differences made it difficult for Dave to intervene in the theory discussion on FB group. The 24 hour nature of rhizo14 was something Dave and I discussed in our recent discussion.
If you were to look back at the FB group you would see that I and Sarah Honeychurch, and possibly others, did try to address Maddie’s concerns about theory as pre-requisite so bottom-up moderation was wider than you (or I ) may recognise.
I am quite happy that we don’t see eye to eye on this – can’t we inhabit a space where we can see things differently?
I have blogged about my reflections http://francesbell.wordpress.com/2014/08/22/reflections-on-community-in-rhizo14-more-questions-than-answers/