Let me respond to Keith’s comments to Frances. I think one of the issues some people had was they felt Dave took sides. That he sided with the non-theorists. Tho my view is different. Will explain. The key thing for rhizo compared to other cMOOCs was the v low barrier to participation, knowledge-wise. Digital literacy and social literacy are needed for all cMOOCs, but in rhizo14 there was no prerequisite content to read, video to watch (well v brief stuff) and no complicated set of activities to choose from (now other MOOCs have great activities but rhizo was the least structured i had seen). The discussion of theory, in my mind, was brought up as “u can’t really participate in this course if u don’t read the theory” (this was prob a misunderstanding, but it came across that way) and i think Dave supported the backlash to that because he did not want some ppl to feel excluded for it. I can’t speak for him. But that’s how it felt to me. I will continue this later … Gotta run