Hey Frances, of course one of the probs with the autoethnog is that it leans more towards positive because it is open and so many ppl did not participate or may not have said everything. Tho some ppl talk about early discomfort, they were ppl who stayed. I have spoken privately w ppl who left, but not for research. Have spoken privately w ppl who actually STILL feel discomfort but continue to stay (but also haven’t contributed to autoethnog). It’s tricky. Am sure ur research will uncover other sides and i can’t wait to hear them, question whether my imagination captures them or not. Maybe i am clueless 🙂 I did read a blogpost by Mariana that was quite critical near end of rhizo14 and remember feeling bad but also knowing much of it was “true” (truth not being one thing, but i mean, true for her and some others). But here’s the thing. Ethnography is not just the narratives in that document. It can and should incl other stuff like blogs, etc. if someone is not in the “auto” then we can’t speak for them, but we can acknowledge their blog writing (w their permission, even tho i think it’s public info) and record our own reactions, if that makes sense. I did convince someone (well more than one, but this one took persuasion) who was totally outside fb to contribute, and it provided a diff view