OK. Back again. So let me paraphrase my understanding of Dave’s regarding rhizomatic learning vis-a-vis community as curriculum (I am paraphrasing because the exact text will be published in JPD soon so I don’t wanna jump the gun; so this is my interpretation): Basically, if we learn in a rhizomatic sense, we’re all teachers, learners, content, interacting, where neither the teacher nor the content are central, nor do they set the curriculum; this means that each of us in the “environment” are creating our own learning paths/maps and benefiting from the intersections/interactions with each others’ – and so in that sense, his role as facilitator is to create the fertile ground or the ecosystem that would nourish those connections & that learning to form and to grow. In that sense, the forming of community is essential in that without it, the individuals in the network would not be able to grow as strongly, I guess. This becomes the curriculum in the sense that learners are creating the content and creating the process even as they go along. I’ll ask Dave to come in and confirm I got this right 🙂