Hi Frances, was just thinking of u 🙂 no, really, i was thinking of doing some new research and linking to ur post (or Jenny’s?) on ethics of digital research.
But in response to your comment above: i was also thinking how the auto-ethnog and ur research might complement each other. Thinking we might even convince a journal to run papers on them in same issue or in tandem or some such thing. Tho ur stuff might be ready way before ours! Too messy 😉
The other thing about community/curriculum vs rhizomatic learning – I also asked Dave that question… Trying to remember what he said 🙂 he said they were intimately related or sthg. I’m in the process of finalizing that interview and will post link when it’s ready. I don’t think he answered it in the google hangout we did to interview him, but in the private gdoc i was using. Looking fwd to ur blogpost on ur convo with Dave 🙂