Maha thing 3. I think that the ‘nonsense’ was more than affective glue, I think it is a direct or indirect challenge to a dominant ‘scientific’ ‘academic’ means of communication. This is where my reflection on genre is taking me. I also think that representatives of this ‘dominant’ group were miffed that Dave didn’t reinforce their supremacy by being leader of the (their) pack. I find it interesting to question how people perceived a ‘majority’ in rhizo14. I get the impression it is linked to perceived sanctioning given first by Dave then by people recognised as ‘academic’.

The emotional connections were surprisingly strong in rhizo14 – be interesting to study that dynamic. Can be traced no doubt to certain key nodes 🙂

‘rhizomatic learning’ and the web in general is a disruptive force which will inevitably redefine power structures.

It is in no way certain that academics as we have known them as a group will not go the way of hand-loom weavers.