Good post Maha, I generally approve of mess but do understand being overcome by confusion and fear of incompetence. Sometime I’ll blog about this but want to point out now that many things in education are introduced on the presumption of previous exposure–the whole idea of building knowledge. If familiarity is a given to cross all domains we ignore what you said Maha about one topic’s tools not working for every topic.

Not all people respond well to a mess. Some people have never been allowed to go into themselves for an answer–they’ve repeated what they were told and that’s it. As an art student I remember being permitted to cross boundaries and it still took time to learn this. And then all this self-improvement work was trashed in history and science where there were no interpretations, just the book and the exam. This confused me and the end result was an endless defense of myself that was allowed decisions while some of my friends went the other way. We were equally helpless and our “development” was a sham.

Have to run, will try to get back here.