Your brain works equally well when sleep and food deprived! Am I feeling excluded because I can’t do the same? Just joking but also thinking that it’s good to think out/write out thoughts about what might be exclusive and why but, as you say, you can only do your best. I think the writing out really helps (or reading, as in my case here) and what you’ve also outlined is the kind of nuanced behaviour that teachers should be aware of when creating an online course, or, as in my case, doing some online stuff eg. encouraging discussion in a student Facebook group or blog. And there’s no way you can really understand these nuances unless you take part yourself. I’m the only teacher in my school taking part in moocs (as far as I know) and right now I’m thinking if I should do some sort of presentation to staff to highlight the complexities in online learning which must be taught (ie practised) to prepare students for new ways of learning together. What’s stopping me is the suspicion that none of this will make sense unless teachers engage in eg moocs themselves. By being the only teacher in our school engaging in moocs have I dug an exclusive hole for myself? eg is it possible for me to communicate any of what I’m learning without alienating everyone because they won’t get it? Or will they? This is constantly playing out in my head.