Great post Maha. Can I add one more to your list of ways you can get excluded by no real fault of anyone’s? Someone misspells your twitter handle 🙂

This Spring in my Philosophy of Ed Tech course (the one I was taking when I started #rhizo15) I was drawing a lot of comparisons from the intentional communities (hippie communes) that I visited with in my youth and the open online movements. They share a lot of the same problems (and benefits) but this idea about who is in and who is out is one of the problems. In both cases you have communities that want to be inclusive but also have strong personalities and ideas.

What it comes down to at the end is that you are either on the bus or off the bus. The things leading up to that state or status should be shared though they are influenced by randomness of life itself. Sometimes they are not though sometimes they are fixed and political but honestly I’m not completely convinced that is necessarily a bad thing as long as it is clear that is what is going on.

Okay now it is my turn to go to sleep.