There’s a lot to like here (especially as we think of how to connect with our #netnarr projects).

(1) I worry some about absolute labels of fake vs true, it boils things down to binaries, but can see a collection of things like the raw material in the Fourmoves blog. I’ve been intrigued to see some of Mike Caulfield examples of stories that people would label fake as being actually true; this seems a bigger challenge than coming up with something very fake. The real challenge is to create them so it’s not too easy to get to the answer– but having them pairs of them is a great concept. Also, when polling people, in addition to them issuing a “fake” or “true” answer, will be good to know what is the basis for their decision.

(2) The second one will be a fantastic curation, and I like how it could be a person, organization, or even as hashtag. Is it really a matter of how digitally literate they are or more of how effective they are at achieving their goal through digital means? Maybe it’s the same, but “literacy” seems loaded as a qualifier (maybe that’s what you want them to push at).

(3) Sort of like public service announcements? It might work if they narrow it to a particular aspect of digital literacy; I really like the way the digital detox breaks it down a bit more.

But all in all good ideas with space for them to be creative in what they produce.