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Dear Dr. Maha
I think our culture is somehow responsible for this issue as our Egyptian society is male dominated . when a girl was born , the only toy was a doll and for a baby boy , they just bought cars and planes for him. So the problem maybe with parents who don’t develop their children skills . According to the neuroscience study, when children grow, they will learn many new things. They don’t get new brain cells. The neurons grow and develop only when the children use their brain to learn how to think. The brain cells have to be connected. These connections are called synapses. When children get through experiences, these connections will be effected. Children will think and use their brain cells when they have experiences. As a result, the synapses strengthen eventually. So children can develop these skills over time. If the connections are not used, they will become useless. Without any practice and over the years, they will vanish.