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Play Digital Student Games and Give Feedback Please #unboundeq

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They are finally here!!! The digital narrative games my students created to build empathy. I am obviously more enthusiastic about some than others and it is hard not to show this bias…but anyway..they have two more weeks to improve on their games before submitting a final draft. Here are links to their blogposts about each game – please leave a comment if you play one.

  1. Pansee – Orphan by Heart
  2. Farah – Blind people in Egyptian transportation
  3. Ziad – Athlete in University
  4. Nadine – Female Fighter
  5. Abdalla and Amena – Egyptian Athletes
  6. Yasmin and Nermeen – Know Yourself
  7. Hana – Stress
  8. Karim and Mahmoud – Under the Influence
  9. Nada and Afify – University Life
  10. Mariam and Youssef – Kindness (currently incomplete)
  11. Hesham – Billionaire (incomplete)
  12. Hanan and Mohamed – In it To Win It (incomplete)
  13. Sherif – Partner in a law firm
  14. (A few students are late and I will add their games here)

7 thoughts on “Play Digital Student Games and Give Feedback Please #unboundeq

  1. I’ll probably try them out during my breaks tomorrow. Do you have any links to their assignment? It’s easier to give good feedback when you know under what limitations the games were made.

    1. Actually, to clarify, it says this: “This form can only be viewed by users in the owner’s organization.”

  2. Hi, I tried to play some of the games, with varying degrees of success, some didn’t want to let me in. From those that did let me play I got a very different picture of life from my own. As a 65+ year old retired academic, living in central England, I have never really had to imagine myself as an orphan or as a woman. My empathy is conditioned by the sort of issues and problems that I have encountered during a very sheltered life. My circle of friends/work colleagues/neighbours is limited, really to ‘people like me’ and life here is very ‘safe’.

    So I congratulate those games builders that have made me think ‘outside of my box’, thank you.

    Scenarios such as the ones I have seen here are difficult to present in one dimension I think, they might benefit from branching down different routes depending on the answers given. It would be wonderful to see these games developed with a more sophisticated application.

    1. Thank you Simon. I have pointed my students to your comment and also asked them to make all their docs accessible to the public

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