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Play Digital Student Games and Give Feedback Please #unboundeq


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They are finally here!!! The digital narrative games my students created to build empathy. I am obviously more enthusiastic about some than others and it is hard not to show this bias…but anyway..they have two more weeks to improve on their games before submitting a final draft. Here are links to their blogposts about each game – please leave a comment if you play one.

  1. Pansee – Orphan by Heart
  2. Farah – Blind people in Egyptian transportation
  3. Ziad – Athlete in University
  4. Nadine – Female Fighter
  5. Abdalla and Amena – Egyptian Athletes
  6. Yasmin and Nermeen – Know Yourself
  7. Hana – Stress
  8. Karim and Mahmoud – Under the Influence
  9. Nada and Afify – University Life
  10. Mariam and Youssef – Kindness (currently incomplete)
  11. Hesham – Billionaire (incomplete)
  12. Hanan and Mohamed – In it To Win It (incomplete)
  13. Sherif – Partner in a law firm
  14. (A few students are late and I will add their games here)


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