HI Maha.
This isn’t exactly what you had in mind, I know, but I’ve just come across this (and I’ve had her permission to share it):

an academic writing playlist
Posted on August 18, 2014 by pat thomson
1. A song for staring at the blank screen
2. A song for explaining to your lover why you didn’t hear what they just said
3. A song for reading reviewers’ comments
4. A song for that feeling of being really, really stupid
5. A song for pressing the submit button
6. A song to drown out the noises in the hall
7. A song to remind yourself to get off twitter now
8. A song for an impossible deadline
9. A song to soothe the savage writing
10. A song which prompts you to go sit outside
11. A song to celebrate getting the book proofs
12. A song to remind you why you became a scholar
13. A song that speaks back to administrivia
14. A song for finding a typo in the just published paper
15. A song to mark a co-author’s retirement
16. A song which encourages you to think slowly
17. A song which thanks your dog for just being there
18. A song which counts ALL the work you’ve done
19. A song for making new academic friends
20. A song for waking up at 3 am writing in your sleep