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The quote within a quote that you cite from page 78 of Freire also resonates with the recent protests against police violence in the U.S. The protests have brought out the anxiety of the elite because of their threat to the established order, and a fear that black people organized and acting for a political objective will be violent. The murder of New York police officers by Ismaaiyl Brinsley was seized upon as “evidence” that the anti-police brutality movement was “responsible” for violence; the rank-and-file New York police officer, incited by the demagogue leader of the NYPD union (whose name escapes me), has apparently determined that New York mayor De Blasio’s mere mention of the existence of police violence directly led to the murder of their brothers in blue.

A meme circulated that satirized the media’s response to mass murder: if the killer is Muslim, he’s a terrorist; if the killer is black, it discredits all other black people; if the killer is white, he is “mentally ill” or a “lone wolf” who has absolutely no connection to the rest of the white world. There is substantial evidence that Brinsley was mentally imbalanced, but that evidence is mostly ignored in favor of an emphasis on the fact that he claimed to be avenging the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown. On the other hand, after white supremacist Jerad Miller murdered two law enforcement officers in Nevada, there was no mainstream critique of Fox News or other right-wing rhetoric that might have influenced Miller to begin what he called a “revolution” with the murders.

Meanwhile, the violence used by police (and sanctioned implicitly by the state) is not critically examined by the establishment or the media – or at any rate, is not examined critically very often.