And I am happy that I succeeded in making you happy because of my comment. 🙂

I am also pleased that you like my blog and the Ubuntu concept. I like how you related it to nowadays social media. It makes sense to me. I realized that it is very true that history repeats itself – may be in different ways. I guess sometimes we are repeating what our ancestors had done in the past with adding some innovations (apparently, not all the times).
And you hit the spot, what I am really trying to do through my blog is to create an un-individualized community of learning without the competitive feeling of “ I know more, then I am better.” , but rather a community whose members cooperate to benefit each other ( as teachers – the integral tools in education) to positively participate in students’ learning…. a community with members who define themselves with how many students they could light their lives up – directly or through other teachers.
The second reason is that I strongly believe that complete intellect and creativity in this world cannot belong to one person only. So if we want to develop professionally for our students’ benefit, we should cooperate –each with his/her potential.

As for #ccourses, I like the idea of the first unit … It is very inspiring (especially for me now, as I am planning for the new academic year). A friend of mine once told me that teachers spend the first part of their teaching experience trying to master “what” they teach and the second part trying to excel in “how” they teach it and the third part – if they are not burnt-out and considering quitting by now – they tend to think about the philosophy behind what they have been doing throughout their lives so they ask “Why”. I second what was mentioned in #ccourses that it is important to figure out the answer of “Why” first to better answer the rest of the questions. I am very interested to take such a journey … At the end of the day, it is our eye for the details that distinguish our reflection.