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Digital literacies course – update: let them choose

So a quick brainstorm on my upcoming digital literacies course.. Is that I think after covering certain dimensions of theory/ideas with students, I can ask them to break up into groups of 4 where they do the following (coordinating topic around a theme of their choice to teach it to the rest of the class)

  1. Two students work together to find a suitable article to explore the theme
  2. One student finds a suitable video or other multimedia to include 
  3. One student finds or develops an experiential activity to explain or explore the theme 

And maybe all students submit their plans on their blogs on the same date (for feedback?), then we take 3 or so class sessions for them to present to their colleagues.

Still unsure if I would give them a list of themes, but I think after exploring different dimensions of digital literacies themselves, they may come up with their own list to choose from, and perhaps groups would be formed around themes of interest rather than around personal friendships?

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