Delightful Assignments: Wellness Gift Basket

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I am always so so stressed at end of semester when I am supposed to do the grading for the last few assignments and post grades. Even though I do ungrading. Even though I enjoy reading my students’ submissions.

A new assignment I created this semester is called Wellness Gift Basket (link to instructions). Basically, it prompts students to imagine sights, sounds, smells, tastes, practices, etc., that promote wellness for them, and that they would gift to others if they intended to help with their wellness.

I truly enjoyed what students created. Most of them added lovely visuals of the things that make them happy or relaxed or such. And I learned a lot about them in the process.

One really unexpected thing is that I don’t at all mention anything about religion or spirituality in the assignment instructions or when I discussed it in class, and yet many students brought up religious or spiritual practices that promoted their wellness. That was surprising for me, not just that they felt that way, but that they felt comfortable sharing with me and in public in blogposts.

Feature image of wooden treasure box from Pixabay

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