Hi Maha
I enjoyed your post which is very much aligned to my own curiosity and passion about authentic curriculum design in Higher Education. I have found the work of Barnett and Coates (2005) particularly relevant especially the notion of preparing our students to operate in a world of “supercomplexity” and designing curriculum around the constructs of “knowing” “acting” and “being”. The design of curriculum to support “being” or “becoming” can be complex and is often overlooked as the experience of the lecturer in the professional/discipline context may be limited. http://books.google.com.au/books/about/Engaging_the_Curriculum_in_Higher_Educat.html?id=aEop96rzaRMC&redir_esc=y You may also be interested in this article and the site it is located on http://www.theyellowtree.org/looking-at-the-curriculum-sites-of-knowing-doing-and-being/