Maha, this is a very good comment – ” Any choice of content is an expression of power. Any exclusion of content means something. “.

We are in the midst of a curriculum review process that entails examining two things: 1. our program structure and credit system (currently many of our programs have very large differences in the amounts of credits students must complete to graduate with a Bachelors), and 2. our actual curriculum (we were given some money to develop a more Low Carbon approach to science curriculum). This money is thru a loan from the World Bank that the Government will repay. Our Government has a Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS) and we are asked (told?) to realign our science programs to meet LCDS objectives.

I am chairing the committee that’s addressing part 1 above. One of the things we observed is that every department thinks their amount of credit and curriculum structure is perfect as it is. And of course point 2 above speaks to the “expression of power” that you noted in your comment.

Exclusion could mean many things: 1. that some staff may become redundant, 2. that some programs will become lighter, affect budgets and admin overheads, and so on.