Exactly, Len. It’s that external person, the assumption that if your exam can be mapped to outcomes, ur doing the right thing. Whereas u might do that but have ur students not learn the essence of what ur teaching, because of the differences in their interest, skill, etc. And also because sthg like database design can be taught in a fragmented way that does not give students the big picture of why they are doing it, why certain things matter. I have noticed that non-computer scientists who attempt database design do it v poorly, which implies there is sthg right about the way I was taught it… Need to put my finger on what that is 🙂 But I think (could be wrong) most teachers in their classes will find the objectives model not enough. Even people who are advocates for it. The process model (as I will explain in some other blogpost) has internal measures of quality (which of course are not unproblematic themselves. But also require a diff worldview to work with… More later and good luck with ur MEd 🙂 h