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Beautifully stated and made to metaphor, Maha. And maybe sometimes you do not even need a table, just a circle of chairs. And its not even about the tables and chairs, but who’s in them, and the relationships/opportunities made/created because of the shared experience. The people who have continued to come to, be part of, contribute to VC to be the best kind of ego-less generous ones I like to be with.

I’m thinking of the potential serendipity energy VC creates, the way Parisa Mehran got connected via the generous spirit of Helen DeWaard that spawned all kinds of goodness for my colleague Antonio in Puerto Rico

Also, I’m not sure I’ve seen mention of it (which does not mean it’s not been said) but I wonder if people who watch, participate in VC sessions get inspired to try that kind of conversational approach (over invited presentations) in their teaching. It was definitely an influence when Mia Zamora and I developed our Studio Visit series for #netnarr There is so much more to be gained for a conversation with an guest in your class than something focused on content.

Let’s keep re-arranging or building our own furniture!