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Until No

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My heart says yes yes yes

Until it hears no

My mind goes go go go

And til it hears stop

I will always hope

Every time I’ll hope

And one day

I may not hear no

But every moment

Before the no

Will be a moment of hope

Until no

Inspired by a quote from Paulo Freire, reminding me of the stupidity of my hope. I am copying here a longer portion of the quote from A Pedagogy of Hope

(What is funny is that I had previously highlighted a sentence before and a few paragraphs down from the quote I saw recently… for some reason it did not strike me until someone else chose it!)

“… hope needs practice in order to become historical concreteness. That is why there is no hope in sheer hopefulness. The hoped-for is not attained by dint of raw hoping. Just to hope is to hope in vain.” (Kindle location 93).

More quotes from the book:

One of the tasks of the progressive educator, through a serious, correct political analysis, is to unveil opportunities for hope, no matter what the obstacles may be. After all, without hope there is little we can do. (Location 101)

It [Pedagogy of Hope] is written in rage and love, without which there is no hope. (Location 117)

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