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The Day Rissa Interviewed Me About Equity, Social Justice and Decolonization…

So the other day, I met Rissa Sorensen-Unruh and she interviewed me for her DPL Track. I loved listening back to this conversation because it feels like it could serve as a good video for students who miss a couple of my classes next semester 😉 and it feels also like it helped me solidify my thinking about some other stuff I was preparing. I am not sure how she did it, but she asked questions in a way that made me think of how best to answer them fully. I missed a few things and there were maybe a couple awkward moments, but overall, I really like it and hope others find it useful… even though it’s basically me talking for 50 mins with a few interjections from Rissa (but such good interjections!). Here it is. She gave me permission to share!

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