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Social Justice & Hybrid workshop opportunities at #oer19


So if you can’t make it to #oer19 like me, there are a couple of opportunities to participate in hybrid workshops (as well as regular Virtually Connecting hallway convos – schedule here).

Open Education as Social Justice Writing Workshop (led by Sarah Lambert, Laura Czerniewicz and Cheryl Hogkinson-Williams onsite and I’ll help connect virtual participants)

Wednesday April 10 2.25-3.25 Galway time (3.25 Cairo time, 9.25 ET)
Interested in writing a paper on Open Education as Social Justice? Come to the writing workshop (onsite or online) and toss around some ideas for your writing. You might be interested in an upcoming special edition of a journal devoted to Open Education as Social Justice. More information about the workshop and the special edition can be found here.Please register online so we know who to expect at the virtual vs onsite session, and can keep in touch with potential writers.

Can We Decolonize OER/Open?

Thursday, April 11 at 4.00pm Galway (5.00pm Cairo, 11am ET)

Check out the hybrid session which will be run by Tannis Morgan @tanbob, Cheryl Hogkinson-Williams (@cherylHW), Taskeen Adam (@taskeeners) and Maha Bali (me) virtually: find out more about the topic on this blogpost. The session description is here and you can sign up by tweeting to me @bali_maha


  1. Oh wow… would really like to come.l but already have something planned that morning 😕Society justice and heutagogy is an area that’s spiked my interest, after work done with Unisa

  2. Hi Maha! I think I can make the decolonize open workshop. May I please sign up? Also, is it 11:30am or 12pm ET?

  3. Hi! I would also like to attend the decolonize OER session at 4pm Galway time on April 11th (8am Vancouver time). 😊

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