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I read your post as an invitation to hard, but compassionate reflection and conversation, about a list of what you refer to as lots of different but interrelated things. I find I can’t assemble any clear response to some of the possible interrelationships you are wondering about–especially between the experiences of oppression, genocide, and exile among Jewish people over time, and the Israeli occupation of Palestinians. I’ve thought in the last day since you posted how complicated the many threads of your reflection are, and have struggled with various attempts at a response burdened by the current political crisis in the US–the fascist grassroots that the Republican candidate has emboldened, openly racist, anti-Semitic, misogynist Islamophobic, the rise of hate groups and hate crimes. It is clear to me that the kind of empathy of which and through which you write is certainly urgently needed if we will ever find a way to overcome the histories of oppression, colonization, and dispossession noted in your post.