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Hey Christian – thanks for this very extensive reply! I wanna focus on ONE aspect and insert it into ur Gdoc also. I recognize and appreciate the need to help *all* refugees. However, it is important to also appreciate nuances of the different contexts different refugees come from. What are they escaping? What were their circumstances (eg education, class, etc) before the crisis? How different is their culture from yours? What kind of hardships did they endure to reach you? Here in Egypt for example hostility towards refugees exists but I bet the color matters. Sudanese as darker and some don’t speak Arabic would be treated differently from Syrian (who may look like Europeans and considered more beautiful and who may be able to mimic an Egyptian dialect and pass for Egyptian vs Palestinians or Iraqis with more complicated histories. And apart from differences as a whole community, there are individual differences.
So I can imagine you doing BOTH specific and general help. Some principles will apply across the board (eg translate to native language of refugees) and some will need to be contextualized. Does that make sense?

One last thing. U graduating high school in 2002 is making me feel old šŸ˜‰ very old now