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Power in Digital Justice Discourse

This is a quick one building on Nancy Fraser’s model of social justice as economic, cultural or political. If we center everything around power, one easy way to remember it would be (in a digital context):

  • Economic justice: electrical power!! (Just an example of course, but to note that infrastructure, not having stable electrical power halts conversations around digital access altogether sometimes)
  • Cultural justice: power to be heard
  • Political justice: power to decide

That’s all for now, really. Just to remember that sometimes the word “power” can have different connotations from the very basic necessity (economic) sometimes preceding even the capacity to discuss other dimensions (cultural and political). And yet it’s the same word.

7 thoughts on “Power in Digital Justice Discourse

  1. I love this Maha! thanks for these quick examples, will help me to remember and make sense of the framework. I partixularly liked the way you framed political

    1. This is exactly why I publish these fleeting, incomplete thoughts. You never know when someone else might benefit from them. The world does not always need long, deep, complex thoughts and ideas. Sometimes simple things make a difference

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