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Let’s Have a Critical Conversation About AI.

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I wrote a post for Prof Hacker (that should be out next week – I wrote it there so it would reach a wider audience, even if it means holding it in for a few days rather than making it immediately available here). Update: published Wednesday Nov 29 – here is the article.

One of the things I thought while writing it is that it might actually be a really useful exercise to bring together a group of people in a hangout to have a critical discussion around AI. My post is a critique of 3A’s that are edtech buzzwords in education, often used in harmful ways but celebrated despite that: AI, adaptive learning, and analytics. This article here has all of them right there. It’s not the only one, of course. 

I’m gonna tweet this to a few people and see if I can organize a hangout sometime soon…

7 thoughts on “Let’s Have a Critical Conversation About AI.

    1. Still early stages here, but I have a couple of ideas of where this could go to make an impact beyond the time we converse on it

    1. Fair point. Prof Hacker should be out by Thursday inshallah. I’ll share here when it is. I think it’s probably important to highlight when AI, analytics, etc might be helpful since they’re not going anywhere… So maybe a more constructive conversation would be to point that out?

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