Join a Conversation on (Intentionally Equitable & Hospitable) Hybridity and Virtually Connecting- Nov 21

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So Michael Weinraub asked on Twitter about good practice for hybrid meetings/gatherings, and of course I think Virtually Connecting was one of the most unique and successful hybrid type of meetings from way before the pandemic – and one where members didn’t just use their digital literacies, but created spaces centered around equity, even developing a notion of Intentionally Equitable Hospitality (IEH). Since the pandemic started, I’ve been reflecting on how the experience of Virtually Connecting and Intentionally Equitable Hospitality has made many of us better facilitators in both fully virtual and hybrid spaces (here is a book chapter with Mia Zamora expanding on that and a blogpost on how to apply IEH to Liberating Structures).

So instead of just stopping at sending Michaelx a few links, I invited him to join me in a live Zoom conversation on Monday November 21 at 5pm Cairo (10am ET, 3pm GMT) inshallah called Hybridity & Virtually Connecting. Convert to your timezone here:

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Basically, Michael will ask me questions related to what we can learn from VConnecting about good hybrid meetings, and if we have a good group with experience in Virtually Connecting, or hybrid meeting/teaching, and others who want to learn, we can have a pretty useful conversation.

So join us if you:

A. Have experience with hybrid meetings/teaching (especially if it’s Virtually Connecting! I miss you all!) that you would like to share


B. Want to learn about how to design and facilitate intentionally equitable and hospitable virtual or hybrid meetings

Please register here if interested (this is registration at the Meeting Innovation community, rather than directly to my Zoom):

If you’d like to do some pre-meeting crowdsourcing, I would love it if you’d use the comment section to answer this question: what have you learned from Virtually Connecting that has benefited you in your facilitation Virtually or hybrid during the pandemic?

Or if you have no idea what Virtually Connecting is, what are some questions you have about creating/facilitating Equitable hybrid meetings/classes?

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