Thanks for writing to explain Maha – You are right, I had no idea of the backstory of the conversation, which is sometimes the nature of 140 char tweets… It did make me think of the need for communication and how misattribution happens. That as a concept is valid, but was not what happened to you! (I did say my post wasn’t really about that twitter conversation, so hoped it didn’t come across like that.) You are so right that I could never know your experiences – could not pretend to walk in your shoes, and discrimination is not acceptable in any form. to anyone. I wish for the day when we can all be like children who don’t see those differences. I say thank you for writing, because without explaining, without speaking out, someone in a different setting cannot understand. It takes time and effort on your part, and makes you remember the not nice incidents. I am sorry for that, but am very glad you are willing to write and explain to those in different places, looking with different perspectives. It helps.