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Disciplinary lines and state lines

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This post was inspired by this quote i just read in a post entitled Interdisciplined

I never married a discipline so why should I then be expected to divorce from one?

Very Foucauldian, right? Lines between disciplines are like lines between states. Artificial, man made, imposed, and sometimes delusional 🙂

I identify with so much because i am very interdisciplined 🙂 originally computer science, but did lots of things like model united nations and extracurriculars; moved to education grad studies and during my PhD i read from various fields like philosophy, psychology, cultural anthropology, writing (though relations to my field of critical thinking are kind of obvious). Even my undergrad thesis was a genetically modified neural network to predict stock market changes: that’s genetics, neurobiology and finance in a computer science project.

It also reminded me of the way Tania blogged (oh so beautifully) about her recent class experience, going beyond the usual distance librarians have with students they don’t teach intensively, and instead sharing of herself. The line between what we can and cannot share as teachers should not be imposed from outside of us, outside our learning environment, but from within it. She writes

It’s the same with any relationship, and teaching must be intimate, surely, and must be vulnerable, if you are to connect honestly with students, if learning is more than a transmission of content knowledge. Obviously that doesn’t mean you expose every part of yourself which would be inappropriate, but it means that you don’t shut off who you are so that students see you relating to them honestly. And I think that’s the only way you get real satisfaction from teaching. A lot of this is unspoken in schools but you can tell when there is that kind of relationship between teachers and students.

And also, this:

I’m off 🙂

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