Hi Alan – this is a replica of my facebook response – didn’t get a chance to respond here yday.
A. Saying i don’t like Western films isn’t a criticism of you, it’s an explanation of why i don’t have much to say about western films coz i stopped watching them ages ago. You gotta remember i grew up in Kuwait and Egypt. The TV station probably just bought 5 western films and replayed them regularly.
B. I don’t think I am stereotyping the west (the country music and love of Houston are examples of my love of modern western/Southern things/people) but i may be stereotyping western films. Most civil war films are pro-North, right? By default. Most WW2 films are anti-Hitler (and frankly often downplay the disastrous American actions on Japan). I haven’t watched all western films but the setting is one of colonialism as adventure.

I know u don’t “need” me in the course and I can totally ignore it. But it keeps showing up on my Twitter feed 🙂 and I am attracted to Cowboys, cowboy hats and boots 🙂 so I was just sharing how I feel.

If it makes you feel better, I didn’t even consider participating in wire106 coz… Uhhh…had no idea what that thing was and wasn’t gonna invest time in it. Am sure American students enjoyed it very much.

It’s fine. You can never please everybody. I particularly don’t watch many movies or much TV (so I also have no affinity for Lord of the Rings or Star Wars or such). I just wanted to explain long-form the reservations I had about this particular theme.

P.s. Thanks for the links. If i had a chance to check only one which would you recommend?