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A Day Full of Voices

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes, 35 seconds

It’s been one of those days where somehow, everything seems to be going in a particular direction. Today was a day for voice. I love audio, and not video. I am not exactly sure why. Might have something to do with multitasking…

I just happened to really feel a compulsion to listen to one of Chris Friend’s audio blogposts, and i found a really cool one, and was able to listen to it while my daughter and I had breakfast. I tweeted out parts of it that I especially liked, then when he favorited one, i went to see if he was up, and whether he was tweeting…

…and I found an announcement that HybridPod (Hybrid Pedagogy’s much-anticipated, for me anyway) podcast debut was today! Here’s the first episode, cleverly focusing on student voice… I tweeted out some quotes from there, too…(listened to parts of it while at work and parts at home). Awesome work by Chris Friend 🙂

And then on my way home in the car, I found Terry Elliott blogging about read aloud and another post using the Laura Ritchie-inspired idea of an audio Fold-that-story – which i created a soundcloud file to but am unable to upload (something wrong with my internet this week).

So i just suddenly remembered something, my mom always saying she preferred radio to TV… I used to think it was a generational thing. But for my case, it can’t be that, right? It might be i am not a particularly visual person (which is kind of true, but not really, because I used to be really good at drawing) – i do think it’s the multitasking. I like stuff that’s made for audio because it is designed to capture attention while you are doing something else. For years, i listened to podcasts and audiobooks while cooking, washing dishes, walking at work or anywhere, exercising, putting my daughter to sleep, or even sitting playing with my daughter… I also love listening to audio in bed (solves the problem of the lights, you know?) and it helped a lot during pregnancy when i wasn’t always able to move comfortably (i actually listened to entire courses on child psychology from iTunesU when i was pregnant) although i recently started enjoying kindle books more (coz i still sometimes want to skim something; and if it’s a v good non-fiction book i need to take notes – audio drives me nuts with that, it’s like transcribing interviews, something i never want to so again if there are others who can do it for me).

I also keep remembering that i narrated a couple of Montessori chapters for and that i have always wanted to try a community-based learning project where my students contributed to a librivox recording… Wouldn’t that be awesome?

I’ve also done quite a few cool audio experiments with friends and Terry reminded me of one of my favorites, this one where we narrated our own version of Maya Angelous’s Still I Rise and Kevin made a zeega of it.

Just wanted to record this moment 🙂 Back to more work…

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